Ballwin Water Damage Restoration

Ballwin Water Damage Restoration:

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Our services include water damage restoration, fire and smoke damage removal, document drying, mold remediation, and board up service.

Sometimes, the unexpected happens. Before you know it, your home is flooded with water, plagued with mold, or ravaged by a fire. We realize this is a traumatic and stressful time, and we sympathize. We can help restore your home to its previous condition and get you back into your home in no time at all. We have years of experience in the water damage restoration business, and our satisfied customers motivate us to continue doing superior work.

For immediate help, do not hesitate to call 1-888 249-7727. We are available 24 hours a day!

Building Homes to Resist Moisture and Mold

Even though the home building industry itself has been in a slump of late, the ways that homes are being built these days has improved. In the past several years home buyers have become aware of how important it can be for a home to be built with prevention of mold and moisture in mind. Moisture can be one of the biggest causes of serious damage to the structure of a home and making sure it will not be a problem before you buy a home is suddenly a really big issue.

More and more moisture resistant building products are being developed and used to help defend a home against moisture issues. Everything from treated wood and insulation that resist moisture are being used. In the modern homes, mold and moisture has become a greater risk because of the deliberate tightness of the building. In the bid to be more energy efficient, homes newer homes have lesser ability to breathe than in some older ones. So if moisture is trapped because of this home breathing difficulty, new ways have to be implemented to stop moisture in the first place.

Our homes have had to become more energy efficient out of necessity. It helps reduce the bills we pay for energy each month and the less energy we use the better it is for our planet overall. Energy efficiency, however necessary it has become, does not mean that we should live in homes that are not as healthy as they should be. Better moisture resistant building products can help solve the moisture and mold problem.

If you want to make sure the home you are interested in buying is as moisture proof as possible, here are a few questions you should ask:

1] How waterproof are the walls? If ceramic tiles in kitchens and bathrooms are installed on top of paper covered wallboard, this has potential for moisture and mold. Ask if a new product paneled wallboard product was used that is moisture resistant.

2] Ask if building materials that are prone to moisture and mold growth have been treated with anti-microbial additives. This additive can be used in sinks, tubs, countertops, doors, windows, exhaust fans, adhesives, caulks, paints, and other home fixtures.

3] Is the insulation that was used moisture and mold resistant? Some fiberglass insulations are better made to help prevent moisture and another good choice is spray foam insulation. It can seal more tightly against moisture and has several other good attributes to recommend it.

4] Does the home have exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms that are adequate for the space? Exhaust fans must be able to pull all the moisture from these rooms to prevent moisture accumulation and aid in the drying process. Bathrooms also need at least one operable window.

These questions should be answered satisfactorily if you want to purchase a home that will be less likely to have mold and moisture issues.